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Betting on God

Every year, I fill out a NCAA Tournament bracket thinking to myself, “this year I’m going to be the one guy who guesses every game right and wins the big prize.” Of course, like everyone else, my bracket is usually broken sometime the first day of the tournament. And yet, I do it again the next year. It’s the same impulse that leads people to play the lottery.

What’s strange to me is that many people will do some things on the astronomically long odds of a big win, while not doing other things that will almost certainly lead to good results. We’ll fill out a tournament bracket or buy a lottery ticket, but then forget to extend kindness to the people we live with and work with every day. We put our hope in some million-dollar windfall instead of doing the little everyday things that lead to real happiness and peace.

If you aren’t regularly attending worship at First Christian Church or participating in a LIFE group, I can assure you that these are among those simple activities that can pay big dividends in your life. Join us now as we make our Lenten journey toward Holy Week and Easter.