Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Talking to People About God

As disciples of Jesus, we seek to maintain a relationship with God and experience his love and guidance daily. When that experience is meaningful and important to us – we want to share it with others. Unfortunately, this is where it can sometimes get complicated.

Many folks are anxious about talking with others about their faith. Some never even try. My experience, however, is that people are often more open to talking about God than you might imagine. Even folks you might not think are ready to hear the Good News are very interested when you can make a connection between the Kingdom of God and something that is happening in their lives.

For instance, do you know anyone who is concerned about the state of the world – someone who grieves over the conflict, corruption and evil that seem to be always with us? Did you ever consider sharing with them that they are in touch with the very Biblical truth that this world we live in is broken and in need of fixing?

Jesus was intentional about sharing the news about God’s kingdom every chance he could – and, if we’re willing to look for opportunities, we can, too.