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Your Future Self

I heard an interview today with a gentleman who wrote a book on procrastination. When the interviewer asked him if there was anything positive about putting off until tomorrow what could be done today, he said, “Nope.”

Of course, many of us get good at working under pressure – mainly because we’ve never tried anything else. The author’s advice was to “consider your future self” and try to imagine if your future self would be glad if you started on something today or not. Needless to say, your future self is counting on you!

Probably the most surprising thing I heard is that if we want to start living in a way that will benefit our future selves, then we sometimes have to ignore how we are feeling on any given day. For instance, you might not feel like exercising, but you know that exercising anyway leads to good things.

Putting off worship, Bible study, or getting involved in a LIFE group can also happen easily – especially during such a dark and gloomy time of the year. So, decide now to make God a priority in your life. I guarantee your future self (perhaps even your “eternal” self) will be glad you did.