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It’s the beginning of a new year. And so the last couple weeks I’ve been looking at the calendar for the year, making sure we’re planning ahead for things to come. If you don’t, things will sneak up on you and catch you by surprise! This unfolding year for me will see, the coming birth of two new nephews, my three-year anniversary here at this church, Stephanie and I’s 9th anniversary, my daughter’s 4th birthday, and my son’s first. I’m looking ahead, but as I do I can’t help but reflect; to look back and see how fast the time goes… It’s especially apparent, these days as I watch the growth of a little baby, growing and changing before my very eyes.

I was talking with an older member of the congregation the other day. And he spoke reflectively, about his early fatherhood days, and taking care of his, now nearing retirement-age, son. He said, “If I close my eyes, it’s like it was yesterday. Holding that baby boy, and rocking him to sleep, just a little lump on my chest. And now he’s 60!” He said, “Time goes by terribly fast, and it seems, it keeps getting faster. You better not blink!” His wisdom and sharing is a helpful reminder, and call for me, or any of us perhaps, to be sure to make the moments count, to treasure the time we have, and to live life purposefully; fully; beautifully. I will need this reminder again! Praise God for the love of God, the love of friends and family that we enjoy. Praise God for the gifts and blessings of this life, and the joy of each new day.