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Discipline = Discipleship

A blank slate. That’s what I sit down to every week when it comes time to write my column for The Spirit. I’ve got approximately 200 words to write something that will hopefully inspire, challenge, or move you into action. That’s a big job for a little 200-word essay – but that’s no reason not to try. The Lord’s Prayer only contains 66 words and Abraham Lincoln did pretty well with the 286 words of the Gettysburg Address.

Like a lot of pastors, I tend to talk too much. And the same is true with my writing. If something can be said in 200 words, why not say it in 2000? It turns out that having to discipline myself to “keep it short” is a good thing. Following the K.I.S.S method of writing (Keep It Simple, Stupid) forces me to be concise and to cut out unnecessary words and ideas.

Following a discipline is almost always a good thing. The root word of discipline is “disciple.” So make time in your life for worship and prayer – even when it’s hard. When you are intentional about your spiritual life, unnecessary and unhealthy things tend to fall away. And that’s all the room I have!