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The Good Life

I’ve been on a quest for the good life. I’m sure I’m not alone in that. You know what that means when I say that, right? The good life… It’s like when I’m outside with my daughter, and we’re playing and we fall to the ground and we roll around until we finally land in our spot in the grass. And Ella knows just what I’m gonna say, so we say it together, “this is the life!”

Jesus said that he came that we may have “life and have it abundantly.” Yet we can too easily slip into this kind of mode where we go to work, we come home with work on the mind, and the days go by, and life… goes… by… I recently read something like, “We have more creative control over our lives than we realize!” We forget that, and sometimes it’s like we let life just kind of happen to us. But, the truth is that God wants more for us.

We follow a savior who lived and loved to the fullest. And so we do too. This life God calls us into is made up of all sorts of things that lead us into service, into faithfulness even when it’s hard. And yet wrapped up in all of that, God gives us life and life abundant. The good life. Where if we were a cup, we would be running over. This is the life… live it.