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Holy Spirit Power

During the Middle Ages, Pentecost was one of the most extravagantly celebrated of all the Christian holidays. Hidden behind the dramatic paintings on the domed ceilings of the great cathedrals were carefully disguised trap doors. During the Pentecost worship service, servants would climb up on the roof and at just the right moment would open the trap doors and release white doves through them. At the same time that they were doing that, the choirboys would break into a whooshing sound – like the sound of a mighty wind. And, finally, as the doves were flying and the winds were rushing, the trap doors would open once again as bushels of rose petals were showered down on the congregation, symbolizing tongues of flame falling on all who worshiped below.

I wish I could say our celebration of Pentecost this weekend was going to be that dramatic. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still celebrating something amazing. Pentecost is about the power of God at work in our lives and in our world. It’s about the mysterious work of God that we experience all the time – even though we can’t always define it or explain it.

Come and celebrate life in the power of the Holy Spirit!