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The Journey Begins

Do you ever wish there was a guidebook for how to navigate the modern world faithfully? Do you ever long for clear, practical advice about how to live as a disciple? Well, you are in luck, because it turns out that was one of Jesus’ major concerns, as well.
During the Lenten season, we not only follow Jesus on his way to the cross, but we listen to him along the way. His teaching and preaching during his long journey create a sort of Disciple’s Field Guide from which we can discover how we might live authentically and faithfully, just as he did.
Jesus understood that living as his disciples in the world is not easy. The obstacles are not only external, but internal. Just as Satan tested Jesus at the beginning of his ministry, there are forces at work in our lives that pull us away from becoming the people God created us to be.
Please join us for worship this weekend as Pastor Brian and I begin the sermon series “The Disciple’s Field Guide.” And join us in LIFE Groups every week as we explore the companion study, “Essential Gear for the Journey.”
May God bless us on our journey of faith!