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Jesus for President

I read a blog from a Texas pastor the other day who explained his reason for not promoting a particular political party or candidate as a pastor. He said, “I have concluded, that I am fundamentally more a Christian than I am either a Republican or a Democrat, and who Jesus Christ is and what Jesus Christ is doing as the Lord and Savior of the world doesn’t fit neatly or easily into any existing partisan categories.”
When I was growing up in church, I remember that most weeks during the pastoral prayer, my dad would pray for the leaders of our country. And I would kind of cringe, and go “this again?!” Even though my father does have a particular political leaning, I have heard him pray throughout the years, “We pray for Mr. Bush.” And in more recent years, “we pray for Mr. Obama.” This seems a good practice for our own hearts, as we also have our own political leanings.
As Christians, we are to look to Jesus “who does not fit neatly into partisan categories,” and who is the one and only savior we will have. And ultimately remember that as it says in Philippians 3:20, “our citizenship is in heaven.” This is a good reminder for each of us as we wrestle with our own attitudes throughout this political process, “my citizenship is in heaven…” We will each use our best judgment throughout this election season. But as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, let us, first and foremost, live into our heavenly citizenship, this season, and always.