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Doing Likewise

This week, I’m writing my Last Word from the Minister’s Institute at the Christian Conference Center in Newton. As it has in other years, the snow is flying and it’s not really safe to come or go. However, that didn’t stop one of my dinner mates, who made it about a mile down the road before going into a ditch.

When our regional pastor asked if I knew anyone who had a four-wheel drive, I knew right then I was in for rescue duty. So, out into the snow I went – only to discover a nice young woman had already stopped to help my friend out of his car. At first I assumed she was a family member or someone he had called. It turned out she just happened to be passing by.

I didn’t ask the young woman if she was a Christian. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was. But just like in Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan, when it comes to helping someone in need, it doesn’t really matter what your credentials are. She saw something that needed to be done – and she did it. May we go and do likewise.