Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

“I Love You, But Jesus Loves You Best…”

If you were at 10:05 Worship Dec. 27, you witnessed how giddy I am with babies within my reach! We dedicated three young fellas and I finally got my hands on Mr. Angel Garcia who was promptly smooched and snuggled right there on the chancel!

Welcoming little ones into the body of Christ is so exciting! The promise of a new life to help nurture and grow into a follower of Jesus – it doesn’t get much better. As exciting as that is for me, it pales in comparison to the joy and excitement I’m positive God feels when we confess our faith, are baptized or when we stop trudging along the same path of hurts and struggles and dedicate our lives to Him.

Today is a new day, so begin a new journey with Jesus! May we all strive to let go of what holds us back – selfishness, pride, stubbornness, old hurts and sorrows. Let us fall into the embrace of our Savior and rest in His love, peace and grace.