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Experiencing the Incarnation

Once there was a pastor who was frantically trying to finish his Christmas Eve sermon. At the most inconvenient time, his wife informed him their 6 year old daughter had crawled under her bed and wouldn’t come out. The pastor sighed and went upstairs to his daughter’s bedroom. At first, he stood in the door and spoke to her. Then he lay down on the floor and continued his monologue. Still, she was silent. Finally, he crawled under the bed, too. After a while, he noticed she had slipped her little hand into his. At that point, he suggested they go someplace a little more comfortable. When they did, he discovered she was feeling neglected and lonely because everyone was so busy.

After their talk, the daughter went to bed a happier girl and her father sat back down to his sermon with new inspiration: God’s incarnation in Jesus is a lot like a father taking the time to crawl under the bed with his little girl. Indeed, God meets us and loves us right where we are.

Are you feeling a little lost and lonely this Christmas? Join us for worship this weekend as we celebrate the One who brings us hope, peace, love and JOY (right where we are)!