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The Gospel Measure

This coming weekend we will celebrate Thanksgiving in worship at all of our services. Even though Thanksgiving is not technically a religious holiday, it calls forth from us a deeply spiritual response. There is nothing more pleasing to God than our thanksgiving and praise.

Unfortunately, sometimes we approach life not really trusting that God will provide from his abundance, but instead believing there is a scarcity of resources and that it’s up to us to get our share. And, of course, that kind of perspective leads to exactly the kind of behavior Jesus condemned the most – hoarding, selfishness, and turning our backs on the poor and needy.

Our God is not a God of scarcity, but of abundance. There’s an old phrase that’s not used much anymore, but still expresses this wonderful truth – “the Gospel measure.” It’s bigger and better than what we expected. It goes above and beyond what we might have imagined. It’s generosity taken to another level.

Not only has God created the world and everything in it, but he has also loved us with the Gospel measure. Join us this weekend as we respond in joyful thanksgiving!