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In the Quiet

I love to sing. Sharing that passion at Saturday Night Alive Worship and helping lead others in worship of our sweet savior Jesus is often the spiritual anchor for my week. Last Thursday a cold was setting in, but I could still talk. So I showed up to practice and the voice that I heard coming through the monitors was, well…atrocious! Off-key is putting it gently!

Had it not been for that rude awakening next to the monitor, I would have been unaware that my ears weren’t functioning properly. As the cold progresses I’ve been singing and talking less, and I have been blessed. I became more aware of the sweet sounds of nature, how peaceful the house is when the TV is off, and how beautiful the songs of worship are when this body of Christ joins together in song.

As we seek to do more in the coming days and weeks, let us be mindful of those “unaware” things hindering our ability to listen for God’s voice. Plan and find moments of silence. Plan and celebrate moments of listening to His creation. And rest, my friends, in the words of one of my favorite songs, “I will be silent. And I will be very still. I will be quiet. And I will listen, yes, I will. I will listen until, I hear You.”(Andra Moran “Be Still”)