Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

The “Cluttered” Calendar

Each week the staff gets together for a meeting so everyone can be on the “same page” – whether it is being briefed on a new sermon series, L.I.F.E. group updates, VBS, etc. we also go over the CALENDAR.  If you’ve ever stopped by Mitzi’s desk and looked at the office calendar, it is FULL!  From ministry group meetings, building usage requests, band practice schedules, who’s preaching which services, vacations, etc.!  Where would we be without the CALENDAR?  What a mess it would be!  Mitzi tries hard to keep it organized and de-cluttered, but it just happens.

Kinda like us.  On the inside, we try to stay de-cluttered; we try to be good disciples; we try to stay free from sin.  But guess what?  It just happens.  Thank goodness we have a place to come each week and de-clutter.  Thank goodness we have a wonderful God who gave his precious son so we can de-clutter.

Summers are so busy; vacations, camps, weekends away, etc.  If you are out of town and aren’t able to make it to worship, please remember to stop and take a moment to de-clutter—give it to God—and remember to thank Him for each and every blessing!