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The Last Word

When I preached at the community Lenten service this week, I shared a story about moving into our house in Keokuk. A couple of months after unpacking everything, we noticed a bad smell coming from somewhere in the kitchen. We looked, but couldn’t find anything. Finally, the smell got so bad we tore apart the kitchen inch by inch until we found a plastic bucket filled with potatoes sitting on the floor at the very back of our pantry. It had become potato soup… but not in a good way.

The point of my message was that there is sin and corruption in all of our lives that needs to be searched out and removed. Sometimes we are aware of the smell and sometimes we are not. However, we can be certain it’s there.

In our scripture reading for this coming weekend, Jesus cleared the temple of the moneychangers. The smell of corruption and sin had just gotten to be too much.

Do you need to do some housecleaning in your life? Are there things in your life that need to be identified, confessed and removed for good? Join us this weekend as we explore the spiritual discipline of “Cleaning House.”