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The Last Word

This coming weekend we are beginning our “Not So Superhero” sermon series and our staff is very excited. Why? Because everybody loves superheroes! Superheroes have amazing special powers. Some are faster than a speeding bullet. Others can fly, swing from tall buildings, or have mastered incredible new technologies.

What our favorite superheroes have in common is that they all put their powers to work for the purpose of helping humankind. Of course, each one of them also has some vulnerability. Even Superman has his kryptonite.

Sometimes when we remember the great men and women of the Bible, we remember only their strengths and successes. In other words, we focus only on their superpowers and all but overlook their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

For the next six weeks, Pastor Brian and I will explore some of the superheroes of our faith, beginning with Abraham and Sarah. Like reporters at the National Enquirer, we’ll dig deep into the stories of our favorite Biblical characters to expose their feet of clay. You will almost certainly hear parts of their stories you have never heard before.

So, come hear the gritty details – but don’t be surprised if you don’t discover a superpower, or two, of your own!