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The Last Word-Are You One Of The 36?

by Pastor David Turner

We live in a world where everybody seems quick to believe the absolute worst about others. Dark conspiracy theories abound, in which political enemies are demonized in the most heinous ways possible. How about we start believing the best about people and searching for the angels among us? Because they are most certainly there, if we only take the time to look.

Years ago, I was introduced to a sweet sort-of-conspiracy theory from Jewish mysticism, which suggests there are 36 righteous people in the world at any given time who are responsible for the fate of humanity. They’re called “Lamed Vovniks,” which, in Hebrew, means “36ers.” The legend goes that no matter how bad the world might get, God preserves it because of these 36 people. Only God knows who they are, but their kindness, gentleness, and goodness somehow keep the world from flying apart at the seams.

Like most conspiracy theories, Lamed Vovniks are probably the product of someone’s vivid imagination. But, in a world filled with hatred and division, there ARE people witnessing daily to the love and grace of God. Might you be one of the 36? There’s no harm in trying!