Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Jubilee Update

About 7 years ago, we began making plans for a church-wide Sabbath and also for my own pastoral sabbatical.  We are now nearing the halfway point of our Jubilee year and beginning January 1st, I will begin a two-month sabbatical.  During this time, I will pursue a Biblical study project (involving comic book artists and writers), with the goal of creating a Biblically inspired graphic novel.  I will also take time for personal and professional renewal – including a trip to Texas for the Senior Minister’s Conference and the annual Minister’s Institute in Newton.  I will return on Ash Wednesday (Feb 26th).

            In preparation for my sabbatical, I submitted a grant to the Lily Foundation to cover the cost of my study project and also any expenses incurred by the church.  That proposal was fully funded and I’m happy to announce our Associate Regional Minister, Rev. Tiff Austin, will be joining us for one weekend in January and Rev. Doug Lofton, a Timothy of First Christian, will be preaching two weekends in February. 

            I’m confident in our staff and congregational leaders to faithfully carry on our mission while I’m gone.  So, Merry Christmas – and may God bless us with vitality and growth in the New Year!