Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Taste and See!

During our Homecoming celebration, we enjoyed grilled burgers and dogs, ice cream and cookies and the joyous sounds of chatter and laughter in the Fellowship Hall. After Pastor Brian and the children led our worship time of joyful songs, more jubilant visiting spilled out into church as classrooms were visited and games were played. Then…popcorn! I was delighted when a bag of popcorn was delivered my way. Popcorn brings back happy childhood memories for me! To my surprise, I soon discovered that we were blessed with that delicious popcorn because Pastor David was cooking it the old-fashioned way in a roaster pan on the stove! When I told him how tasty that treat was, he said “My Mom taught me how to make popcorn.” Had I not been at church that night, I would have not only missed out on that popcorn, I would have also missed the smile on Pastor David’s face as he shared his ‘popcorn’ story and his hidden talent! We each have something to share, and to learn from one another. Don’t miss your chance to be and share here at church with us! Pop on in and see that God is good!