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Disciples Together

It’s hard to believe that September 7-8 will be our 7th annual Disciple Together Weekend. The number “7” is a significant one in our tradition. The ancient Israelites recognized that our God is One who is revealed in time. His story is history! And because they understood the importance of time, they also devoted days and even whole years to celebrating their faith. Every week they rested one day from their labors. Every 7 years they celebrated a Sabbath year. And, after seven cycles of seven years, they celebrated a year of Jubilee.

Even today, Jewish families work hard just before the beginning of Sabbath so they can rest, enjoy each other, and celebrate their life in God. Our leaders have been hard at work preparing for our year of Jubilee. During this year, we’ll be exploring the meaning of Sabbath for us today, finding opportunities to join in joyful fellowship, and learning to live more faithfully in every way.

So, join us in working together on September 7th and again in joyful worship on September 8th. All our services will come together in one great celebration on Sunday at 10:30 am (with a feast to follow). Come and join the jubilee!