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Living on Kairos Time

Last weekend, we set our clocks ahead an hour to take advantage of Daylight Savings Time. I’ve never liked losing an hour of sleep, but I love the fact that the sun is now still shining at 7 pm and beyond!

All this talk about time reminded me of an old song called “Living on Tulsa Time” from the late 70s. The chorus goes: “Gonna set my watch back to it… ‘Cause you know that I’ve been through it… Living on Tulsa Time.” Somehow, the rhythms of the singer’s hometown continue to influence him no matter where he travels. Hopefully, the same might be said of disciples of Christ – that we live under the influence of God and according to God’s time and not our own.

Chronos time (or chronological time) is the clock on the wall and the 24 hours a day we all hope to manage wisely. But there’s something called “Kairos time,” as well. Kairos time is God’s time. It was in “the fullness of time” that Christ came among us. And it’s under the influence of Kairos time that we hope to live every day.

Come worship this weekend and set your clock to Kairos time!