Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

A couple weeks ago in our Wednesday night Life group, we watched this speaker share on the power of vulnerability. This is not something we really want to feel. To put ourselves out there wholeheartedly, (our true, raw, unpolished, vulnerable selves), among those we come across in life, even with our loved ones, it is hard sometimes. It takes courage. But the speaker shared that after some research she found, that really vulnerability “is kinda the birthplace of joy and belonging, and love…”

My son just turned two years old. And I so admire this little human. This itty-bitty toddler has something to teach me about life because he is one who lives wholeheartedly! Screaming enthusiasm, waving and excitedly greeting all who come across his path, top of his lungs singing 24/7, running, always full-fledged running with a new skinned knee every other day… But it doesn’t stop him. He’s living with all his heart!

We are supposed to do that really… Live and love with all of ourselves. All of our hearts, all of our souls, all of our might… So this is my prayer for myself, to continue to learn to open wide to God, to others, living vulnerably, living wholeheartedly… That’s my prayer at the moment, and you can have it too.