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The Purpose of Church

January is apparently a popular time for pastors to get together for continuing education and mutual support. This year, I was able to attend two events: the Minister’s Institute, sponsored by our region at the Conference Center, and the Senior Minister’s Conference, put on by the Christian Church Foundation.

As always, I come away from these conferences informed and inspired for the work of ministry. But there’s something else valuable that happens at these meetings: the feeling of connection and comradery with other pastors who are also working for the Kingdom.

The Senior Minister’s Conference was held this year in Washington, DC. at National City Christian Church, which is just blocks away from the Capital. It is a magnificent building that was constructed after a national campaign in 1930.

National City Christian Church is a beautiful symbol of what believers can do when they work together. But even more important than grand buildings are the simple relationships that any church can help us build with God and each other.

As the Lenten season approaches, my prayer is that we will all make an extra effort to CONNECT in worship and LIFE groups. It makes all the difference!