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A New Year

A couple of years ago, about a minute after midnight on New Year’s Eve, my brother laid claim to the New Year as “the Year of Brook.” Now, every year someone else makes the claim. My brother’s theory was that everything was going to go his way. Of course, he also has a theory that no one ever loses weight in our family – we just pass it from one member to another. So, during his year, he claimed the rest of us would get fat while he got skinny. If I remember correctly, it didn’t work out quite the way he hoped.

No matter how things have turned out in the past, New Years is still a good time to rededicate ourselves to moving in healthier directions in our lives.

The ancient Hebrews understood the importance of continual rededication to God. They, too, had a New Year’s celebration. But their celebration wasn’t just an excuse to eat and drink and watch football. For them, it was an opportunity to recommit themselves to their covenant with God.

As we celebrate another New Year this weekend, may we also rededicate ourselves to our walk with Jesus in 2018. Happy New Year!