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It’s the Little Things…

When our daughter was in Whirlybirds she learned “I’ve Got Peace Like a River”. As we sang it together something super cute came out of her mouth.

Verse 1: I’ve Got Peace like a River – (we sang it loud and proud!)
Verse 2: I’ve Got Joy like a Fountain – (with exaggerated motions, just like Momma taught her!)
Verse 3: I’ve Got Love like a Lotion… (wait, did she just say “lotion”?)

Yes, my friends, our sweet girl had been singing that verse loud and proud – none the wiser to her innocent Jesus-loving self!
Lotion was a big deal to our little girl, and the stronger the scent, the better! To her, God’s love being like lotion made perfect sense!
When I walk in the restrooms here, I notice that some sweet person makes sure we have hand lotion by our towel dispensers. I appreciate that it blesses their heart to give, because it also blesses the many hands that come seeking to give and receive in Jesus’ name each weekend. It may seem like a little thing, but it brings a big smile to my face as I hear the voice of a child in my head… “I’ve Got Love like a Lotion….”

“Every good and perfect gift is from above…” begins James 1:17. When you bring what you have, do so with joy and a smile, because you never know how God will use even the smallest gift.

P.S. – the “correct” word is “Ocean”. Insert it in place of Lotion…if you must. 🙂