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Syncing Up

Sometime this week, I hope to watch our own Jim Vandenburg spend some time working with his son’s horse. Apparently, Jim really has a way with horses, which is why this horse came all the way from Montana for training.

One of the things Jim explained to me about training horses is that horses are social animals and enjoy being connected to other horses and to people. At some point in the training, the trainer simply turns his back on the horse and begins to walk. That is the cue for the horse to “sync up.” Essentially, the horse comes alongside the trainer and begins to walk with him. At that point, the connection is made.

It seems to me that human beings aren’t that much different. There’s something in us that hungers for God and for a connection with the Spirit. Like a good trainer, God won’t force that connection. God invites and encourages, but it is up to us to “sync up.”

Join us in worship this weekend as we “sync up” with our savior and follow where he leads – even when doing so takes us into the fire. Spoiler alert: It turns out God is with us there, too!