Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!


This past Sunday afternoon, nearly 40 people helped move 166 beds from the former Midwest Academy to the church gymnasium. Prior to that, a smaller crew had spent 3 days dismantling the beds. Moving the beds to church to be cleaned and repaired (most are in excellent condition) was the first step in a program called “A Bed for Every Child Project,” which is being spearheaded by our Fellowship of Carpenters. The goal of this project is to place beds in the homes of children in our community that don’t have them.

As we were loading and unloading the bed frames, mattresses and other items, a phrase from our recent stewardship campaign went through my mind: “Many hands make light work.” Because of all the hands who volunteered, we were able to do a huge amount of work in only 90 minutes. But, as I said in a recent sermon, many hands working together also brings God’s light into the darkness.

I was proud to be one pair of hands that helped make some “light work” this past Sunday. 1992 Wbf World Bodybuilding Championships Full Show dihydrotestosterone vs testosterone key signaling protein for muscle growth And I’m proud to be the pastor of a church that continually shines the light of Jesus’ love for all the world to see!