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Showing Up for God

When I was growing up, there was never a question about whether or not my family was going to church on Sunday morning – just like there was never a question about taking a bath on Saturday night. Saturday night baths were mandatory.
Of course, I didn’t always want to get out of bed on Sunday morning – but it was useless to protest. Even when I would come home from college and stay out late – I knew the expectation. My family had a habit of going to church.

Going to worship out of habit may not be the best motive – but at least it gets you there. “Showing up,” as they say, “is half the battle.” And once you’re there, you’re in a perfect position for God to put you to work.

There are two things that can happen any time you show up for worship: either you might be inspired, challenged, or transformed in some way – or someone else might be. Indeed, there’s a good chance that God intends to work or speak through you in some way. If you’re not there, that can’t happen.

The weekend is coming: plan now to be present with and for God.