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Let’s Make the Church!

This week our church is participating in United Vacation Bible School. It’s a great time for fun, learning, and growing together in faith and love.

One of my favorite UVBS stories is about a little boy who joined his new class halfway through the week. The teacher noticed right away that he was missing one arm. She was anxious that one of the other children would comment on his handicap and embarrass him. There was no opportunity to caution them so she proceeded as carefully as possible. As the class time came to a close she began to relax. She asked the class to join her in their usual closing ceremony. “Let’s make our churches,” she said, holding up her hands. “Here is the church and here is the steeple, open it up and…” then she realized what she had set in motion! As she stood there speechless, the little girl sitting next to the boy reached over with her left hand and placed it up to his right hand and said, “Joey, let’s make the church together.”

A little child shall lead them! We can’t be the church without YOU – so join us for worship and let’s make the church together.