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Acts of God

It’s interesting to me how things like wildfires, tornadoes and earthquakes are often called “Acts of God.” I think it would be more accurate to describe things like that as “acts of nature.” Why I have a problem attributing these natural occurrences to God is that, while they may be powerful, they are powerful in a destructive way. What we learn from scripture is that when God acts – it’s in the opposite direction. When God acts it’s to bring order out of chaos.

Think of the very first verses of the Bible. In the beginning, the world was “formless and void.” It was a place of darkness and chaos. But then God spoke and there was light and order. We see it again in the Pentecost story. Even though the Holy Spirit came in a dramatic way – no one was hurt. Instead, people who spoke different languages could suddenly understand each other. Once again, God was bringing unity and order to chaos and confusion.

I believe God can bring order and peace to each of us, no matter how dark or chaotic our lives might be. That’s what God does. So, come and see that the Lord is good!