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Bethany Fellows

This past week I was able to step away from the office and attend a Continuing education/Spiritual retreat for young ministers throughout the United States. It’s called Bethany Fellows, and it is so wonderfully good for me and my soul. You can go to www.bethanyfellows.org for more information about it, and even contribute to this so very worthy cause!

“Research suggests that up to 40% of young clergy leave congregational ministry in their first five years. Because of loneliness, isolation, exhaustion, conflict, debt, and burnout.” So this is the purpose of Bethany Fellows, and why I’m so grateful to Bethany Fellows, my clergy friends I have gotten to know there, and to my church for helping me get there for rest and renewal every 6 months.

This last week I was able to take about 24 hours to be in silence with God. I climbed a mountain (a small one), I read 1.5 books, I took a nap, and I went to bed early. And it was so, so good for me. Like water for my soul… The struggle now is to take a little of that time each day, each week for God. It’s a struggle I know. We’re busy.

You ministers of the gospel. All you believers, in service of God and the church; It is just as important for you. That you seek times of rest and renewal, times to be silent, to be with God in the midst of your busy days, and weeks. I hope that you can, that we can. God bless you today, tomorrow, and always.