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Disappointed in God

Many years ago, a farmer in my congregation died very suddenly of a heart attack. He and his wife had been partners in everything they did. His passing turned her life upside down.

A month or two after the farmer’s funeral, I noticed his widow had not returned to church. When I went to visit, I learned she was not only grieving the loss of her husband (which was to be expected), but that she was also very angry with God.

Sometimes when someone is angry with God, their well-meaning friends and family will try to “talk them out of it.” Fortunately, God was with me that day, because I was able to share with her that feelings of anger and disappointment with God are also a part of a life of faith. I encouraged her to turn to the book of Psalms which are filled with prayers of lament and complaint.

As I explained on that day, God is big enough to receive our anger and disappointment. What’s important is keeping that relationship intact – even when all is not well with our souls.

I hope you will join us this weekend as we explore one of many psalms of lament.