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Anger Management

Normally, I don’t care for television commercials, but I am always tickled by those Snickers commercials that end with the tag line, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” One of my favorites was the one with Betty White playing backyard football with a bunch of guys and complaining that she wasn’t being treated fairly. Someone hands her a Snickers bar and then we see the strapping young man who was actually behind the surly attitude.

It’s easy to laugh about temper tantrums and angry outbursts. But uncontrolled anger is one of the most dangerous threats any of us ever face. We’ve all been touched by it – and some of us scarred for life.

Unfortunately, the place where we’re most likely to experience the consequences of anger are in our most intimate relationships. I’m not sure why people often reserve their worst selves for those they love most, but I’ve witnessed it over and over again. I’ve also seen it in myself.

Jesus had some very important things to say about anger in his Sermon on the Mount. I look forward to sharing Jesus’ words with you this weekend in worship and exploring how we might live together in more healthy, happy and holy ways.