Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Total Appreciation!

Knowing I have shared my joy with you, serving you as your Administrative Assistant, I would like to reemphasize my joy! I look forward to coming into work every day as each is different. Prior to becoming a staff member, I took our pastors for granted! Not any longer…I so appreciate and see firsthand all of their hard work, long hours and their commitment to God!

I did not know the sacrifices all of you made. I didn’t know how many nights you were unexpectedly called to minister in an emergency. I suspect that sometimes your vacations were interrupted, though you never made a big deal of that. Only a few years later did I realize how much you gave of yourselves for the congregation.

David, Brian, Cathie and Janel, thank you, thank you for your words from the chancel and your everyday walk with Jesus.