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Finding God

One of the side effects of writing sermons for 25 years is that you begin to see how nearly everything can provide a glimpse of God at work in the world. For instance, when my kids were little, there was a constant temptation to use the things they said and did as sermon illustrations. Eventually, when my oldest was about 5 years old, he pulled me aside one Sunday and said in the most grown up way imaginable, “Next time you want to tell a story about me in your sermon, would you please ask my permission?” I was always careful after that.

The truth is, God is at work around us all the time. The creator is revealed in the creation. And for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the light and love of God shine through the darkness and the noise in ways big and small.

You don’t have to be a preacher to perceive the presence of God in the world. But you do have pay attention – and be open to the possibility of changing your mind. Are you ready to find God – even in the unexpected? Join us in worship this weekend as we continue our search together.