Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Blessings Galore…

Have you ever thought of Facebook as a blessing? A blessing–really? When someone shares a Facebook post and tells the world about the ways in which they have experienced God in their lives that is a blessing! Whether there is a post about an answer to prayer, a life changed by Jesus, or simply a photograph of His creation, it is a beautiful reminder of blessings galore.

These past few weeks there have been blessings galore at FCC! The Cantata was a beautiful way to start Holy Week–truly where love and mercy meet – at the cross. The Amazing Easter race allowed littles (and bigs) the opportunity to “run” through the church for clues, challenges and answers. Maundy Thursday was a vivid reminder of Jesus being betrayed and his death on the cross. When Jesus was carried out of the sanctuary, I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the sanctuary. That was followed by 24 hours of peaceful prayer in the chapel. Easter morning was magnificent with chatter from the little ones all exclaiming Jesus Has Risen! Blessings galore were from each of you that shared your time and talent with us Holy Week.

In April we started the “Change is Good” campaign collecting coins for the local laundromat mission–just under $100 was collected for this mission in one weekend! Changing lives with change is a blessing!
As we are blessed, it is our job to go and share blessings galore. You just never know what a smile or touch could do for someone’s day – and yours. It’s our turn to glorify God, who showers us with blessings galore!