Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!


At our Sunday 11:11am service, the fantabulous Susie Waddell sings a song called God’s not dead. (Come hear it this Easter Sunday!) God’s not dead… this is our hope and the promise of Easter.

When the realities of life are pressing in on us, when families are especially feeling the financial strains of life, experiencing family challenges, or when the work stress is overbearing, we have a God who is alive, a God who active in this world. When our faith seems thin and it’s as though we “need a resurrection somehow” God’s not dead.

As Easter comes this year, as we celebrate the living Christ who is raised from the dead, it is my prayer that it may be as though you too may rise with Christ, that each of us may find the new life and promise of resurrection this season.