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Time for Garden Planning

Last summer, Tammy and I tried our hand at gardening by growing a couple of cucumber plants outside our back door. We were a little late in getting started, but once those plants started producing cucumbers, I was in pickle heaven! And that’s a good thing, because the store-bought pickles I crave are really expensive. We had such a good experience we are now planning to try growing a few more things this coming spring.

The more I read and learn about gardening, the more I realize a bountiful garden doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning, discipline and hard work. Even though a lot of the actual work happens after the weather gets warm, real gardeners are thinking about and working on their gardens year round.

It’s not surprising to me that Jesus often used illustrations from nature to teach his disciples. The fruit of spiritual growth is also something that needs to be cultivated. Even in times of relative quiet, disciples are always tending to their spirits and nurturing the fruits of a healthy spiritual life.
Join us in worship and study at First Christian as we seek to grow in faith and bear spiritual fruit worthy of our calling.