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Enjoying My Job!

What a wonderfully fun time here at First Christian Church! You wonder what I might be thinking about? Well, last Wednesday the buzz around the church all day was about getting ready for our youth/adult groups, Simple Supper, our Heavenly Melodies Youth Choir and Adult Choir. Making sure all the rooms were ready, attendance sheets in each room, writing paper on the walls for leaders, making copies and so on! It was fun and exhausting all at the same time. Never a dull moment in our church office! If you needed to be warmed, just step into the copy room as that was the “hot spot” all day!

As I wandered through our beautiful church, I entered each classroom to pass out attendance sheets and one room in particular gave me the biggest smile. This being said, I was spiritually energized to carry on after a long, fun, but tiring day.

Let us rejoice in all God has provide to us and I pray we have an amazing experience in our “Journey With Jesus Into
The World!”