Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Disciples Together!

I’m always a little anxious about doing something out of the ordinary at church – like picking up four completely different worship services and combining them together outdoors in a park! Not only are there often logistical and technological challenges, but it can be disconcerting for people who are used to doing the same thing every week. However, I know from experience that our planning team, worship band, choir, and many other volunteers will once again make our Disciples Together Worship an event you won’t want to miss!

This year I get the privilege of introducing our theme for the year, “Journey with Jesus into the World.” How appropriate that our very first stop is Rand Park! And how appropriate that our all-church worship follows a day of service and mission on Saturday. It just makes sense that disciples who work and serve together should also worship and eat together, too!

We know that Jesus sent his disciples out two by two so that they could be more efficient in spreading the message of the Good News. But we also know they came back together for physical and spiritual nourishment. I look forward to following Jesus’ example with all of you this coming weekend!