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Behind the Scenes from the Staff

The week before last, I was excited to be able to attend the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). It was a blessing in more ways than one! I was able to see seminary colleagues, wonderful people from the various churches I’ve been a part of throughout my life, I even got to chat with the director of my Junior Camp when I was a camper at the Conference Center in Newton! It’s a wonderful thing for Disciples from all over the United States to gather and be Disciples together. We worshipped together, and heard prophetic words calling us to put the mission of Jesus Christ first in our churches. We discussed important issues that require prayer and discernment for us, and in so doing, there is always disagreement.

And yet, each night, though we were each from different churches from all over, holding varying opinions on many things, we joined in worship and in communion together to remember that even though we have different backgrounds and disagree wholeheartedly on a variety of things, WE ARE THE ONE BODY OF JESUS CHRIST. There is no body of Christ, without the people of God empowered to be that body of Christ in the world. Let us, people of God, go forth and be the body of Christ in this world.