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The Last Word

The New Year is upon us! Of course, for most Americans, New Years has become another excuse to eat, drink and watch football (and I’m right there with you!). However, for the ancient Hebrews, the New Year was a deeply spiritual occasion. It was at this festival Israel crowned her kings and rededicated themselves to their covenant with God.

In the elaborate ceremony that surrounded the yearly crowning of the king, the Israelites were reminded that even though the earthly king was their nation’s leader and ruler, God was their only true king. At the Jewish New Year, all of Israel, from the King to the poorest peasant, pledged their renewed loyalty and commitment to God.

That sounds like a pretty good way to start our year, too. So, at the beginning of this New Year, it doesn’t matter what happened last year or in past years or even last night. What’s important now is how you are going to live the rest of your life. Will you allow God to be the king and ruler of your life? Join us in worship as we celebrate the new life we have in Christ and pledge ourselves to serving him in 2015 and beyond!