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Fellowship in the Storm

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio and a news story came on about a group of 10 people that survived a direct hit by a tornado by taking refuge in a beer cooler. They all just happened to be in a quickie mart at the same time. They were complete strangers – but were suddenly sharing what could have been the last moments of their lives.

When it became clear what was happening, they realized they needed to take shelter. Just as the store clerk was closing the cooler door, he saw the whole front of the store lift right off the ground and disappear.

The clerk had his phone on record through the terrifying experience. And as the radio host played the audio from that day, you could hear the people crying and praying. But there was one moment that really stood out for me. From the back corner of the beer cooler, someone said, “I love you” to the stranger beside them. That person then said, “I love you” to the person next to them. And so it went down the line.

We live in a crazy, dangerous world. It’s true. But there are moments of great beauty and love, too.