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Greeters Wanted

Being a greeter at FCC is one of the most important roles in our church.  Your smiling face and welcoming attitude play a large part in the first impression our church makes on guests and visitors; and for our church regulars, you may be the first smile they’ve seen all day or the first person they’ve spoken with in days.

The role of a greeter at FCC is to:

■    Make everyone feel welcome.

■    Make everyone feel that they belong.

■    Make everyone feel important and valued.

■    Make everyone feel recognized and worthy.

■    Make everyone want to return to FCC to worship with us.

Our goal is that no one who worships with us at FCC will leave feeling unnoticed or unwelcome

If you are interested in greeting at any one of our four worship services, contact Mitzi Clippert, 319.524.5266.