Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!


Clean, safe nurseries are provided with one adult and 1-2 youth helpers for Saturday Night Alive, Sunday School Hour 8:50-9:50, 10:05 Worship and 11:11 worship.

Infant-2 years: From bouncy toys to books, our infant nursery is filled with age appropriate toys, music, snacks! The first place your little blessing will hear us say “Jesus Loves You!”, we also offer two comfy glider rockers, a stocked changing table, and an emergency rated crib. Nametags and a sign-in sheet (where you can leave your cell # – just in case!) can be found just outside the door, with an information sheet to register your little one. Diaper bags can be hung just inside the door! This room is located at the front entrance, just outside the front Sanctuary doors.

2’s-4’s: During the school year, once a month we join our friends and family in worship for Children’s Sermon moment, and on another week, to share in song as the Cherub Choir! Located just next door to the Infant Nursery for an easy transition and close to the front Sanctuary doors, our large 2-4’s room offers plenty of space for your active toddler to learn and play. Nametags, a sign-in sheet and an information sheet are just outside the door. When you enter, your little one will see our “learning room” with tables and chairs for coloring, puzzles and for snack time! Toys abound in the adjacent space for free play time! A restroom equipped with toddler sized potty and a sink are located inside this room for this toilet training/mastering aged group.

Pre-K/Kdg.: Located just outside the Sanctuary in the Entrance D Hallway, our Pre-K and Kindergarten room is the newest space in the church. Large room with large ceiling means plenty of room for active play and table area for coloring, reading, puzzles and snack time! A sign-in table with nametags is located just outside the door, and a restroom is just outside the ‘back door’ in the Chapel Hallway. Lots of toys for free time play!