Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

Ministry Groups

Ministry Groups are a great place to serve with others from the church using your gifts! Ministry Groups generally meet on a monthly basis to plan the activities, programs and business they are responsible for.

Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry assists the Ministerial Staff to create a polished worship experience during each congregational service of our church. The members of the Worship Ministry assist in planning and coordinating phases of the worship services, as well as reviewing music programs as needed or as requested by our Ministerial Staff. Worship Ministry also secures personnel needed for each worship service, i.e., greeters and offering meditation readers from the congregation. We plan and promote special services throughout the year, such as, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter, Christmas Eve, etc. The Worship Ministry works with the band leaders of the SATURDAY NIGHT ALIVE and STARTING POINT services and the choir director of the 10:05 service. This ministry group is always open to new members who feel called to serve as part of their personal spiritual walk with God.

Christian Education Ministry

Christian Education is an exciting ministry opportunity since children and youth are so full of smiles and eagerness to be with their friends at youth groups. Our primary purpose is to build an effective program of faith education for the church. Sparking the joy of our young people (and adults alike) is what Christians are called to do and what our Christian Education ministry group is focused on. Some of the activities of Christian Education include: Coordinating VBS, supporting the Youth Minister with recruitment, support of teachers and recommendation concerning the Sunday school curriculum, organizing youth groups and children’s worship service materials and volunteers, preparing the busy bags that are utilized during worship services and promoting youth group sign up and camp registration. It takes many hands and creative ideas to keep our education programs interesting and innovative.

Evangelism Ministry

Evangelism is one of the most central tasks of the church. As a ministry group we work, not only to enable this church to grow, but to carry the important message of Jesus Christ into the world around us! Our goal is to always warmly welcome those who come to experience the good news among us here at First Christian, and work to effectively build a bridge toward integration and discipleship. We try to learn and grow to effectively carry out our responsibility to communicate the gospel, and we seek to always develop new and significant ways that we can do this. If you have the gift of Evangelism, if you have a desire to see the church grow, or if you have a heart for people who need some good news, join us.

Fellowship Ministry

The Fellowship Ministry’s purpose is to nurture a community of loving Christians. To do this, the Fellowship Ministry promotes a spirit of oneness through fellowship dinners and works with other ministry groups. We currently help offer the Simple Supper program, held at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall during the school year.  Simple Supper is open to everyone, with a free will offering for anyone who would like to help support the meals. If you love to be in the kitchen, enjoy fellowship while washing dishes or love to cook, we invite you to join us.

Outreach Ministry

As Christ followers we are to be the examples of God’s hands and feet here on earth and the Outreach Ministry group strives to do just that. Our mission is to spread Christ’s love through actively identifying and engaging the needs of our local church family and collaboratively addressing world-wide ministries of the Disciples of Christ Church. Current activities include providing assistance to our church family through We Care, regular meals to God’s Way Christian Center in Keokuk, collections for the local food pantry, coordinating family fun fellowship opportunities as well as sending monetary support to aid in international outreach efforts of the Disciples of Christ Church.

Stewardship & Finance Ministry

Our defining purpose is to develop within the congregation an understanding of the full meaning of Christian stewardship and to direct the financial program of the church so that the incoming funds will be used faithfully and meaningfully. Our job is to encourage responsible and systematic giving and oversee the development of an annual budget for the church. One of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of our job is to find ways to encourage tithing. Because of the Grace of God, we should not only give, but be giving with a grateful heart as we are so very blessed!

Property Ministry

From the beautiful landscaping outside to the clean pews that fill our sanctuary, there are many ways our Property Ministry helps our church family. This ministry group is in charge of managing the building, grounds and physical assets which the church owns.

It takes many people to maintain the building and grounds, for members and friends, at a comfortable level for worship services, Sunday school classes and many other events that happen at First Christian Church. The church is also used by the community for other functions, such as wedding receptions, meetings, family reunions, anniversary/birthday parties, etc. Our goal is to have and set forth a positive impression for all who enter and use the First Christian Church assets.

Technology Ministry

The technology ministry group was created in recognition of the increasingly important role technology plays in worship and in the day-to-day operation of the church. The goal of the group is to enhance the congregation’s worship experience and to help the staff be efficient and effective in their jobs. We do this by building and maintaining appropriate sound systems; video projection; lighting; computers; and computer networks. We will be working to ensure that all the equipment works well together and moves us toward long term goals to make the most of the church’s resources. Recent examples of ministry actions include: replacing and upgrading the main projectors in the sanctuary; installing WiFi access throughout the building; new choir microphones; and colored lighting used for Saturday Night Alive.

The group also plays a role in reaching out to the community by recording sermons for broadcast on KOKX and helping maintain the church web site.

Personnel Committee

Many people ask the question, “Is a personnel committee really necessary in a church?” Absolutely! The staff is entitled to the same equal opportunity, fair employment practices, an employee manual, and annual reviews as those employed in the “business world.” And, so, the personnel committee is charged with providing that human resource expertise to our employees—and more! They provide review and input regarding annual compensation and benefit issues of church employees, participate in the hiring process from identifying candidates to conducting interviews and providing hiring recommendations, assist in the evaluation processes and procedures involving personnel issues as well as making sure the employee manual is current regarding employment laws. Past and present committee members have been those individuals with a background in human resources, supervision and/or employment law.