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Sisters are the best! This past weekend I traveled back “home” for my niece’s bridal shower. 

          Prior to going south my sister Julie, aka “Jules”, invited me to stay with her if I was planning to stay the night. My original plan was to make the trip in one day, but who can turn down an offer to stay with my sister? Due to busy schedules and the timing of my trips “home”, I usually stay with my parents (added BONUS!) Not this time. Sister time!

          As most know, we lost our sister Kaye not too long ago, so I was really looking forward to spending some special time with Jules.

We exchanged stories, shared snacks and watched movies – all after her daughter’s  bridal shower of course!

I share with you the last time (above) three sisters were together, ice skating.  To the left, Jules and I remembering our sister Kaye, who will always be in our hearts.