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Crazy Brave

Last month, I had the honor to join the 5th-8th grade youth groups at the Grand Theater to hear Former American Idol contestant, Dave Pitmann in concert. Dave wrote the song Crazy Brave after he went to audition for season 9 of American Idol. He shares that we have a purpose to step out of our norm and be crazy brave to accept people with compassion and love. He shared his testimony and how God uses us through our weaknesses. At a very young age of 10 he didn’t see how God could use him, he only saw himself as kid who was being bullied because of his Tourette syndrome and was going to take his life. God showed him he had a purpose through singing and he now shares his story with confidence and courage that everyone can be crazy brave to accomplish anything. Sometimes we doubt that God can or will use us because of our weaknesses. Do we truly doubt or are we just afraid to have our weaknesses exposed? What do you think the Holy Spirit might be calling you to be crazy brave about?