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Downward Mobility

“I used to think God’s gifts were on shelves one above the other; and the taller we grew in Christian character the easier we could reach them.  I now find God’s gifts are on shelves one beneath the other.  It is not a question of growing taller but of stooping lower; that we have to go down, always down, to get His best gifts.” (F.B. Meyer)

I’m not too proud of that moment as a pastor.  But the truth remains: there is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and helping someone else up.  Have you given it a try?

It’s like an older man I knew years ago who had loads of money and nearly perfect health – but who was still desperately unhappy.  He asked me one day what he could do to feel better.  I happened to know he had never stooped down to help anyone but himself, but I handled him gently.  When he asked me the same question again (and again), I finally blurted out, “Okay, if you really want to know, I think you should give your money away to someone that really needs it.”  He never asked me for that kind of advice again.